Data Science for All


Coordinators of the "Data Science for All" project:
Dr. Guive Khan-Mohammad (BTN) and Prof. Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser (GSEM)

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the project, or to give us your comments on it.

Developed within the framework of the "Digital Skills" program of Swissuniversities, the "Data Science for All" project intends to feed the training dimension of the CCSD, by enhancing the great diversity of courses and seminars given in data science at UNIGE by opening up access to them outside the faculty silos.

To do this, it proposes to accompany their digitization in the form of educational video capsules that will be made available to the entire UNIGE community via a dedicated web platform.

The choice of content made available on the platform will be defined according to a data science skills repository, as well as on the advice of an interdisciplinary committee of experts, ensuring the technical and pedagogical quality of the resources made available.

This data science repository will complement the digital skills repository already used by the self-assessment and self-learning platform of the "Make-IT-Easy" program.

The pedagogical content produced in the framework of the "Data Science for All" project will thus contribute to the development of the self-learning offer of the "Make-IT-Easy" program by their systematic indexing on this platform.